We deliver thoroughly, on time and on brief

We get feverish with every project. Sun lights up the day time, moon lights up the night, we light up when you call our name.

We’re swift in providing our services. This way we’ve come to realize clients too are quite speedy with our invoices.

To deadlineism. With neurotic tendencies of writing and rewriting.

We do write for free every now and then. For NGOs, social & educational projects, vulnerable categories of people or cool projects.

nerd it out!.

In 2017 we figured businesses (all businesses!) deserved proper communication for their products and services. So we set up our own shop here – Nerds & Words. A content agency where we mess around with ideas, concepts and coffees. From dusk till dawn.

On brief, from the get-go.

We are in the business of copywriting, content writing, newsletters, social media campaigns, product description, SEO tactics and all sorts of other services that can boost your sales.