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Business blog – how, when and why it’s so important

Business blog – it’s a recurring subject in our office. We make it our purpose to deliver quality content, well researched and super-interesting – but why? Is it just a personal affinity to writing cool stuff? Yes and no.


A blog is no longer the hobby of a 13-year-old teenager


When I was 13, my father laughed at me when I told him I wanted to start a blog. Back then, blogging was mostly an activity for young and misunderstood wannabe artists (like myself) who wanted a place where they could share their drama.


Obviously, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, blogging has changed so much that it became a business in itself, with more influence on people than a TV commercial (who’s laughing now, dad?!).


It’s important to remember that a blog is essential when it comes to successful business practices. Even if it’s probably not BlogAwards worthy, it still plays a key role in your brand identity, client communication and, overall, your reputation.


Why is a business blog so important?


Firstly, because it’s a great opportunity to educate your audience


Hey, we’re not different at all – we create blog articles for this precise reason as well; because not everyone is familiar with copywriting and content writing-related concepts, so it’s our moral duty to inform our potential and existing clients on how important our work is.


If you have a business that does not provide essential products or services (like water or toilet paper), then chances are you have to explain to other people what you do exactly. And a blog is a good way to do that.


Secondly, because it’s an opportunity to promote yourself


And a really great one, at that. If your articles are SEO-optimized and your use the proper keywords, you can reach the first page of Google search results.

Once a user clicks on your material to inform themselves about the subject matter, it’s waaay easier to redirect him to your services’ page. Win-win situation, if you ask us.



Last, but not least, it offers your brand a professional look


Ask yourself this question: when you are researching a product or a service, are you more attracted by a brand that has a great online presence and a steady, coherent communication about its products or services – or would you rather go for an obscure brand?


It’s a rhetorical question, of course.  When you have a strong online presence and you bring added value to potential customers, then you are creating a brand reputation that promotes the idea of educating and informing the audience. Remember, people like buying things, they don’t like being sold things. 🙂


That being said, we hope this post has shed a little light on the importance of a business blog and brought some added-value to your life, as well.


Of course, if the idea appeals to you but you have no idea where to start, just drop us a line. That’s what we’re good at, don’t know if we’ve already made it obvious enough.


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