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Christmas presents? Books, obviously

„Christmas presents”—how do these words make you feel? A slight pressure or utter excitement? Either way, we can find a solution together.

There are many writers at Nerds & Words. Copywriters, content writers, book authors and badass bloggers. We are confident we can write things, and that’s what really matters. And as you may very well know, it would be scandalous for us not to mention our love for reading whenever we talk about hobbies.

So, since we are approaching the dreaded/beloved Christmas season, we’ve decided it’s time to put our wordsmith skills to use and make a list of awesome books—fine books, accessible and varied titles that you can offer to people as gifts. You know, those people who just won’t tell you what they actually want. (I know you want a blender, Grandma Aurelia, stop playing coy!)


Let’s dive into this reading thing, then…


Jon Ronson’s „Psychopath Test” – Psychology with a comical twist

Jon Ronson is very enthusiastic when it comes to psychopaths and about how we can spot them. As a journalist, he takes us on a witty journey full of troubles, to better understand the human mindset. It’s funny, insightful and is sure to make you a tad paranoid. In one word, flawless.

Daniel Klein’s „Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it” – Philosophy

If the title hasn’t convinced you, I’m not quite sure what else we could say to make you read it (and even offer it as a gift). This book is fun too which, as you’ll see, is something we always look for in literature. Daniel is an 80-something year old man who has studied philosophy his entire life only to figure out that everything is a joke. He tells the story of all the quotes he collected throughout his life and how he perceives them now, at his old age. It’s common knowledge that old men talking about the meaning of life are the most entertaining, and this book is no exception!

Russell Brand’s „Recovery” – Self-help, Addictions

We can’t talk about Christmas unless we talk about addictions, right? Russell Brand is an addict comedian/actor cum personal development spiritual guru. His comedic charm shines through as he presents a painful and personal subject in the most humane way possible. Moreover, this is a book that isn’t only good for your granddad who enjoys a tipple and can’t actually speak a word of English—it is one of those incredible reads for anyone trying to escape the harmful sequence of repetitive behavior and live a happier life.

George Orwell’s „1984” – SF

About a year ago, I got a tattoo of my favorite book, George Orwell’s „1984”. That’s because I’m a writer and I read, you got that, right? I was expecting to get a lot of street cred thanks to my reference and hence have some prolific conversations based on it. To my huge surprise I’ve discovered that not everyone is familiar with this book. Therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to stir up some propaganda (you’ll see why that’s funny after you read this book). And once you finish it, pass it around. Hopefully this way someone will finally admire my tattoo.

Gillian Flynn’s „Sharp Objects” – Mystery

You might have heard this title on HBO, as there was a short series based on Gillian Flynn’s story. As is usually the case, the book is way better than the movie. I won’t get into details about the plot, since you can find all sorts of information online. However, I will tell you about the circumstances under which I came to read it: I was in Poland, taking an inappropriately long one-week vacation. All I can say is that half of Warsaw was left undiscovered because of this book. Offer it as a present (or read it) cautiously. And definitely not while on vacation.


So, here are 5 books you may offer as Christmas presents. I’ve tried to cover various areas of common interest, even though everyone who knows me knows I mostly read self-help books. And that I’d rather watch the film but please keep that to yourselves.

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