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We do our best to understand our clients' industry, business and projects. The end result, whether it's a text, a Facebook campaign or an editorial plan for a blog, reflects this effort of research and understanding

Website audit & copywriting

We scan you website, read it out loud a few times and make it subject of our gossip. Then we ask you a million questions, do our homework (aka the research) and get started on rewriting it for you.

Or if the website is not there yet – even better. We start from scratch,set out the tone of voice, come up with ideas and options for the content.

Newsletters & email marketing

People still buy and sell as a result of good written content via email. Newsletters can help you’re your business – it’s only a matter of how well you produce them. Let is help you!

Nerds & Words is a content agency that despises spam almost as much as it despises cold weather. So we are determined to do our writing well and targeted. The goal is to communicate smart and to the right people.

Social media & communication campaigns

You throw a tiny rock in the crowd and you might just hit a couple of “social media experts”. Big pool out there, but so is Facebook, right? We do not claim to be an agency full of experts.

But we do work with the best of them. And we can brag about the many successful projects and the occasional bottle of wine we get for Christmas from all those happy customers. Keep’em coming please.

Press releases, articles and advertorials

We have the experience needed to write materials that can purposefully promote your business. These too need creativity and are able to work wonders for your products or services.

Product descriptions

Experts (as well as Google) remind us: it is important for online stores to have original descriptions for their products. Copy-paste may save you some time, but you risk ending up with too much time on your hands if you go bankrupt.

This is where skilled copywriters come into play. We have been writing good copy for products of all sorts for many years now. Good copy that sells – furniture manufacturers, IT shops, car sellers, toys or clothes stores. We’ve done it all.

Blog posts and SEO

Well-written blog posts can bring in interested readers that can easily turn into buyers. The mix between creativity and rules of writing will bring revenue in your business. Let us show you how.

Copywriting (roll-ups, flyers, taglines)

There are no small parts, only small actors, said at one point and actor that probably had just landed a small part. Well, we agree. It fits our copywriting work as well: there are no small or unimportant bits of copy. Only lazy copywriters.

We try to put creativity and good ideas in each paragraph, tagline or text we write. Both online and offline


We work with exceptional natives across the globe on your translations. French, German, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and basically any language you can imagine. We’re not a translation office, but we do have the right contacts.

Give a writer something to do!

We blend the online with the offline, copy with content, planning with writing and ideas with coffee. In short, we have gotten used to getting excited about projects and long-lasting clients. And that is how we plan on staying.

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