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Your website copy is just as important as the product or service you are selling.

Yes, the selling power of a product or service over online media is directly influenced by a variety of factors: marketing strategy, correctly defining and targeting of your buyer persona, the impact of your visuals, testimonials from active clients and so forth. One of the most influential and decisively factors on your website users’ decision to buy is the content.

Content writing and copywriting is important not just in terms of the impact it has on your potential customers, but also because it affects the indexing of your website on Google. Google’s algorithms index website content and display for its users specific results to their inquiry, in order to provide them with the best search results. Our nerdy copywriters will adapt the website’s content in a way that corresponds to the Google indexing criteria, from a quantitative, structural, and qualitative point of view.

Why should I use the Services of a Copywriter?

Many of our clients have confessed that the decision to request copywriting services was preceded by more or less successful attempts to do it themselves (never sufficient, anyways). The thought process is simple. The client reasons: I’m most familiar with my market, my business and my product, and I am capable of putting down on paper content that will fill up my website. Yet this is only partially true. Sure, it helps to read about how to do quality copywriting – and we do recommend that everybody do their homework, but a professional copywriter brings experience and a work ethic that makes the investment well worth it.

Inspired copywriters do their research and are able to abstract your website users’ behaviour, therefore to adapt its tone of voiceto your business’ specific character. They create specific content that is unique, optimally relevant and at a high quality level, taking into account what we call “user experience” on a website: the coherent positioning of the key words, the right framing of CTA buttons, alignment with the SEO techniques on Page, and, last but not least—they create an overall vision for the design of a web site (where needed), and target it towards sales.

Content Duplication Is To Be Avoided

One might be tempted to copy the content of other websites, thinking that a little touch-up and a few modified words will generate content that is good enough for a website. False! It is wrong to forgo genuine copywriting and the devastating effects of this action will soon become apparent to you.

Google can easily identify content duplication, and the sanction for that is that the web’s best search engine will not show your website in its organic results (important).

If we take into consideration the fact that 50% of web traffic comes from the clicks on organic results – that is painful.

Warning! It is also not recommended to duplicate pages or product descriptions within the same website.

Instead, choose a professional copywriter, who writes and rewrites not only websites, but also blogs and newsletters

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