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Blogs can generate traffic and have the capacity to generate great returns when the blog content is relevant, interactive, and updated constantly.

Blog articles have to be posted with a certain frequency in order to increase the number of followers, but also to keep established audiences listening.

The texts on your website’s blog need to implement a certain unified approach and to stand out from the rest of the content. Also, they need to be aligned with the profile of your business, and to contain relevant and up-to-date information.
Most of the time, the content of a blog is perceived as an extension of your website, the space where users can access extra information, news related to your business’ domain of activity, etc.

SEO on Page

The mistake most Nerds & Words clients make before using our services has to do with the fact that they are not preoccupied enough with blog pages re-indexing.

Even if they do add new content on their websites – recommended because Google appreciates websites that generate fresh new content – the fact that they do not pay equal attention to the optimization process for new blog pages from an SEO standpoint does not help them to raise their organic visits number.

Why? It’s simple. Google does not recognize that a new page was added to your website unless you tell it so. And this cannot be done just like that. You need to speak its language – meaning you have to add a representative title for the content to each new blog page, a description of that content, and a description of every photo you add to the blog.
Subsequently, you need to make sure that the page is added to the website’s sitemap. This is the same sitemap you submit to Google via the Google Search Console platform.

The Interconnection Between Website Content and SEO Optimization is Sacred

There are SEO rules that need to be rigorously applied in order for the page to be indexed correctly by Google, thus in order for your website or blog to start to show a healthy, steady increase in the organic Google results. Think about it: how many competitors are making real efforts to get a better position in the organic search results on the first Google search page? Because there are, on average, just 9 positions available.

There are thousands of articles written daily on how to optimize the contents of a blog. Therefore, it’s not the lack of information sources that determines companies to hire specialists, but the lack of time.
This is the time needed to filter the information, to comprehend it, and to learn from it for the benefit of all those involved in the project.

The more Google sees your website’s content, the better your website is positioned. And the more you succeed in getting a leading position in relation to your competitors, the more traffic you will get, leading to more potential customers.
The more Google sees your website being accessed, the faster it will acknowledge that you’re providing quality content for your users, and the more it will help you climb up in the Google ranks.

The secret of a website post or text, in general, is to find the right mix between quality copywriting and relevant content for Google. We own the mix, now join us and let us tell you all about it!

Send us an email with your needs and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our input and a business proposal.