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Newsletters are a direct sales instrument that still works great, when used correctly.

Beyond facts like compliance with current data privacy protection policies (GDPR), proper tuning of the frequency with which you send emails and of the exact times when you send them, and beyond the optimization of the graphic design for every device used and for every email service used to access them, what matters is the content and the message itself.

We encourage a moderate reliance on your newsletter – save it for when you really have an important message to transmit.
Email marketing can be done consistently, according to a prearranged schedule/strategy, but the content has to be attractive and powerful enough to generate conversions.

The Newsletter Content Has to be Personalized

Let’s say that we have a database of 10,000 subscribers and we wish to create newsletter content they find interesting. We know that the 10,000 subscribers have different behaviors and interests, therefore the wise thing to do would be to segment the user base into smaller databases according to their interests, and develop specific content for each.

The copywriter’s role is as follows:

1. Analyses and profiles types of customers. Following the data segmentation step, the copywriting can be adapted based on the defining characteristics of each segment, taking into consideration interconnectivity with social media platforms and retargeting website information in a way that takes into account users’ search routes. For example, a segment from the database of 10,000 subscribers might be made up of college educated women, who abandoned the shopping basket in the last 15 days.

2. Provides different forms of content for the segments targeted – personalized, specific messages, responding directly to the actions performed by that segment.

Email marketing works well as long as the right approach is used. Unlike marketing campaigns promoted over social media, the newsletter has to have a personal touch, and the communication has to be targeted – otherwise the only thing growing will be the unsubscribe list.

Short and Well Written Emails

The emails you send have to be concise. Your subscribers’ day is made up of completing hundreds of tasks, managing responsibilities, and some free time. Make sure you catch their attention and increase the rate of opened emails from one delivery to another. This is a key indicator that confirms that your subscribers appreciate and actually read the message you send. These are just a few things that can be easily done.

The automation of the email delivery system and graphics do not pose a problem anymore. There are a lot of instruments available on the market, as well as integrated services for email marketing. Pay great attention to the newsletter content you wish to deliver, and make sure that you are on your subscribers’ favorites lists.

Surely, good practices and the secret of a well done newsletter go hand in hand with every business’ specific character. There are a few general principles to be be aware of, though, no matter the domain that you operate in. This is the kind of overview that a professional copywriter possesses. Also, the topic ”newsletter” is extensively discussed on the Internet. Unless you specifically want to study this concept, don’t get lost in the plethora of information.

Finally, keep this in mind: it’s not all about social media and SEO. The old, conservative email works well, if used intelligently.

Send us an email with your needs and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our input and a business proposal.