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There are texts specifically designed for the purpose of communicating effectively with current or future clients.

These are shared via press releases, press articles, and advertorials.

Press releases and press articles

Press releases can be structured as info releases, invitations, announcements, reminders and responses. A press release has to have a specific structure, and the frequency of transmission is also important. Moderation is key. They are transmitted in accordance with a set time-frame, depending on their type; and most importantly: they are purely informative and are meant to be appealing to consumers.

This type of text is called a press release for the obvious reason that, as the name suggests, it is meant to be published in the press. Hence the text must respect the characteristics of a news story. Well, since not everyone can write a text so that it will be perceived as a news story, public relations specialists are highly recommended for the job.
Our friends from Ctrl-D have an extended piece on how to write a press release.


Unlike press releases and press articles, advertorials can be written for advertising rather than for informative purposes. The content of an advertorial can be supplemented with images, graphics, video etc.

The very name of this type of material suggests that it is meant for publication in print form, but the actual purpose is to promote a company, product or service. Unlike a classic ad, the advertorial must embody the ad message in an editorial content.

As with press releases and articles, writing advertorials requires compliance with certain standards familiar to those in the field. Advertorial campaigns can contribute significantly to your website’s SEO optimization. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering how.

Most of the time, the advertorial contains at least one link behind a keyword relevant for your business. It can also be placed behind a video or photo, which, when clicked on, automatically directs the reader to your website. If the publication where the advertorial was published has sufficient authority, Google will positively acknowledge that the publication „mentions you” and will redirect traffic to you. This will help your website climb the ranks in Google searches.

The writing of advertorials must be steady and consistent for healthy SEO growth. Google does not appreciate the practice of buying bulk advertorials. If one month you decide to buy 20 advertorials for an aggressive SEO growth campaign, but over the following months you don’t keep it up, all that effort will have been pointless, as you will be sanctioned by having your organic position lowered.

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