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The issue of product description takes center stage when we are talking about the selling power of a product in the online medium.

While the product’s image is also very important, an original description – one that tackles the real benefits of the product as directly relating to the customer’s needs – adds priceless value to the sale process.

It can, indeed, be a difficult task to come up with genuine product descriptions, especially when the online store in your care has hundreds or thousands of products. Most of the time, our customers have opted to hire a specialized copywriting agency to provide genuine, organic, sales-oriented descriptions for ordinary products like bolts, belts, tires and so forth. Having first written the content for their websites, our clients usually wanted a more professional approach for the product descriptions as well.

Product descriptions should inspire and determine the potential customer to buy

More often than not, a product description should go beyond the mere enumeration of technical details. It should create the sense of an actual need for the product! Equally important, and this should be the starting point in building a promotional campaign, is to identify the buyer persona –your ideal client.

The story of the product

The product description has to be a story. You do not merely describe the product, but the range of experiences that the use of this product can offer. Our nerdy specialists recommend avoiding superlative product descriptions and are more for honest descriptions that challenge the buyers’ imagination. Details regarding the production and testing of the product, the use of words that appeal to the human senses (tactile, olfactory, auditory) will add to the richness of a successful presentation. Spotify, for example, has a great presentation on how we should tackle a product description.

The structure of a product description

We need to take into account the fact that online store visitors look at approximately 15 products (men) and 30 products (women) before making their final purchasing decision.

The product description has to be well-structured and easy to read, and it is highly recommended not to use content duplication. Imagine scrolling through a list in a category of products that all have the same descriptions, or descriptions similar to those you’ve encountered in other stores. Can you even trust a store that uses copy-paste and steals content from others, for that matter?

Avoid writing and grammar errors

A sloppy description can affect the consumer negatively. Better put, the perception of the consumer can be distorted by it. Negligence leads to the logical assumption that the customer might be personally superficially or carelessly treated. Or, which is just as bad, it raises a serious question regarding the quality of the products.

Product descriptions do matter, both for the website users and for a healthy SEO indexation. That is why we recommend that you use the services of professional copywriters who are able to create genuine, coherent presentations, tailored to the profile of the ideal customer of your store.

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