After all, what does a copywriter really do?

„What does a copywriter do?” is the question I’d like to answer. But firstly, here’s a story.


Any woman in her 20s is sure to face a few standard questions at Sunday lunch.

„When are you getting married?”

„When are you going to have a baby?”

„When are you going to get your own house?”

When you’re a copywriter, you have the privilege of being asked an extra question before dessert is served:

„So, what it is that you do again?”

Well, just imagine trying to explain to your 84-year-old grandma how the internet works and what SEO is. 10 minutes into explaining what a webpage is and what it should contain, here comes the best question of them all:

„Oh, okay, so the words you write appear in the newspaper, right?”

Grandma Aurelia isn’t the only one who doesn’t really understand what I do for a living.

So let’s look at what I write about all damn day long.

Let’s say you own a restaurant. It’s a very trendy place but rather new, so not everyone knows it exists. How could you promote it?

Firstly, you create a website. You upload nice pictures of your restaurant. You ask your friends to spread the word on Facebook and LinkedIn. But there’s a problem: there’s no content on your website.

Then you create a Facebook page for your restaurant. You receive a few likes. But here comes another issue: what do you post about? People want to know why they should choose your restaurant but you can’t really explain that to them.

Eventually, you’d like to send a newsletter to all your contacts about what is new on the menu. But… you just can’t get the words to sound right. Because you’re a restaurant owner, not a writer.

Well, here is where I come into the picture. I have no idea about how to run a restaurant but I can write. I can take your information and transform it into a cool story with a meaningful message or a call for action.

So, what does a copywriter do?

They make sure the product or service you want to promote is accurately and beneficially presented. And thus people understand why they should choose you over others.

Does this sound interesting? Let’s meet! Send us a message here and let’s talk about the way your business can be properly represented.

And if you’re lucky enough, you might meet Grandma Aurelia. But we’ll get to that later.